Is the program appropriate for my teen/college age child?

Mark believes every teen, college and single adult, should experience the Laugh Your Way seminar.  “People always tell me ‘I wish I would have learned this stuff BEFORE I got married.’  It is time we start preventing relationship problems – not just fixing them.” Many parents have expressed a desire for their young adults to hear the information that Mark teaches about relationships and sex, and Laugh Your Way is happy to welcome them, however each hosting organization, and ultimately the parents, can decide whether or not their teens and college age children should attend.

Because so many people have asked Mark to bring his message to teen and young adult groups, we are also pleased to offer a special DVD series, Sex, Dating and Relating that conveys all the information they need to hear before they get married. Find more information in the teen area of our website, or check out the four disc set in our store that features Mark along with national abstinence speaker Pam Stenzel.

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Is reserved seating available?

No.  All venues are general seating.  Come early to secure the best seats.

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What are the sessions about?

The Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar features 4 sessions, normally split up over two days.

“Tale of Two Brains”
In this comical and informative session Mark shows couples how many of their problems are the result of how Men and Women THINK about life.  He shows how most struggles in marriage are not the result of a HEART problem, but a HEAD problem.

“The #1 Key to Incredible Sex”
In this session, Mark shows the importance of sex in marriage while incredibly funny, Mark shows how the sexual messages of our culture are fundamentally flawed at best and destructive at worst.  He then shows steps they can take to achieving a great and healthy sex life, ending with the #1 Key to Incredible Sex.

“Why Does He/She Do That!?”
Mark Shows how to discover the true reason why their spouse does what he or she does.  A great “stress reducer.”

“How to Stay Married and NOT Kill Anybody”
In this final session, Mark shows how to avoid building resentment in your marriage and the key to staying married for a life time.

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Will there be food?

While some venues may have concessions, this event does not include any dinner, breakfast or lunch.

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What if I can only come on one day of a two day event?

The ticket price covers both days.  If you can only attend one day, that’s fine.  Each session stands on its own.

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Is this a one or two day event?

Most Laugh Your Way events take place over two days. Please check the event listings for the specific event you’re attending to confirm.

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What if my spouse won’t come?

Come without him/her.  Come with friends or come by yourself for a fun time out.

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Is this only for married couples?

No.  Any couple, whether engaged or just dating or any single person interested in relationships will benefit from this event.

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Is this only for troubled marriages?

No,  This event is truly unique in that any relationship, whether good or bad, can benefit immensely.

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Is this a marriage seminar or an entertainment event?

It’s both.  We use humor to inform and educate couples on how they can have a successful marriage.

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