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The Marriage Ref Preview

The reviews of Jerry Seinfeld’s new show The Marriage Ref have been coming in since the preview ran earlier this week. People aren’t loving it! Even after the full hour premiere of the show last night. If you can see beyond the fact that the likes of Madonna and Alec Baldwin are those among the celebrity panel giving advice on marriage, there are a few redeeming qualities.

First of all, it is not intended to be some academic dissertation or highly instructional show on marriageā€¦ I mean, it is Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Papa and they are both comedians. They intended the show to be comedy. After all, there are some extremely funny situations that crop up in marriage. And who isn’t going to find some of the situations these couples are arguing about funny? A man who has his dead dog stuffed and wants to set up a shrine to him in their house; another husband who wants to put a stripper pole in their house but his wife is opposed; a woman who will only allow the family to use the dining room on Thanksgiving.

Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking

In his brand new television series, Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking, marriage expert Mark Gungor exposes the true source of marriage problems–the flawed notions that shape our expectations of marriage and our spouses. Beginning in February the show airs on Trinity Broadcasting Network 9:30 PM PST/12:30 AM EST and 4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST on Thursday nights and airs twice a week on Sky Angel on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:00 PM Central.

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